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Workshop Speed Control

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CFP Technologies specializes in speed control equipment for the workshop. Speed can be controlled using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) together with a three phase motor. The VFD adjusts the speed of the motor by changing the frequency of the AC power supplied to the motor. Two options are available:

1. Only Single Phase available:

Single phase 220V input, three phase 220V output application.

If only single phase power is available, three phase motors can be run and speed can be controlled as long as the machinery is equipped with a 220/380V dual voltage three phase induction motor. (220V three phase when connected in delta and 380V three phase when connected in star. Most of the smaller modern motors are dual voltage. Please consult the specification plate on the motor of the machine. If the plate only indicates 380V there is still a chance that the motor is compatible. If the motor is a single speed motor, smaller than 4 kW connected in star and comes from a 380V environment it can be assumed that if it gets connected in Delta the operating voltage will be 220V three phase. Please refer to Star delta drawings below. Please feel free to contact us for advice). In this case a single to three phase VFD needs to be used. This type of VFD converts single phase 220V to three phase 220V. If the machine is equipped with a single phase motor or a motor that is designed only for 380/660V, the motor will have to be changed with a 220/380V three phase motor. Please note that single to three phase VFD’s are available from 0.18Kw up to 7.5Kw. We stock compatible motors up to 7.5kW.

2. Three Phase available:

If three phase, 380V power is available, speed can be controlled to any three phase motor by using a VFD that is designed for a 380V, three phase input. Three phase, 380V VFD’s are available from 0.18 Kw up to 1000Kw.


VFD Remote Control Unit:

The VFD can be controlled either on the unit itself or remotely with this unit which incorporates industrial switches for the following functions: On / Off / Forward / Reverse and Speed. The unit comes standard with a two meter cable. (Can also be ordered with cable as per your requirement. Max 50m) We will be prepared to do the wiring between the VFD and the control unit as well as programming the VFD to work with remote unit at a nominal charge.