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Established in 1987 and later trading as CFP Technologies, we supply Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) also known as Variable Speed Drives (VSD), Electric Motors, and Speed Reduction Gearboxes to the industry. We also supply braking resistors to be used with VFD’s.
CFP Technologies is a Shenzhen Veichi Electric authorized distributor for for Veichi VFD’s in South Africa.

VFD’s can be used to control speed in a wide variety of applications in the industry. The following being just some examples: Process Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps and other irrigation applications, Fans & Exhausts, Stirrers & Mixers, Extruding Machines, Conveyors, Rollout Tables, Granulators, Driers & Rotating Ovens, Winders, Cutting Machines, Lathes, Milling machines and many other applications where speed control is required.

We also supply variable speed drives to Knife Makers and Model Engineers. In most cases these will be single phase input, three phase output units that convert single phase power to three phase power with the advantage of speed control. The speed control is extremely useful on Belt Grinders, Milling Machines, Lathes and Drill Presses etc. where it makes it possible to run the machine at almost any speed required with high accuracy. It reduces belt or gear changes to a great extent, seeing that good torque is available at low RPM.

We also supply bigger Drives that run off a three phase supply of between 380VAC and 420VAC. Apart from speed control the VFD’s can be programmed to soft start in order to reduce start up current. VFD ’s are available from 0.75Kw up to 1000Kw. Induction motors are available from 0.12Kw up to 300Kw.

Due to our involvement with machine shops requiring speed control, we also supply Digital Readout Systems (DRO) for Milling machines and Lathes.