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Single Phase ‘Berghtech’ Motors

Aluminium Single-Phase Capacitor-Start Asynchronous Motors.
CFP Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Berghtech Motors in South Africa. Berghtech aluminium-housed single-phase asynchronous motors, feature the latest in AC motor design and are made of finely selected high-quality materials, conforming to the IEC Standards. Berghtech motors have excellent performance, safe and reliable operation, attractive design, can be conveniently maintained, feature low noise and little vibration, and are light in weight. These motors can be used for belt grinders, air-compressors, pumps, fans, medical apparatus, retrofitted milling machines and lathes and many other applications needing full-load start.


*All Prices Inclusive of VAT.

Model NumberkWVoltageRPMB3 Foot mount (Prices in Rands) incl. VATB5 Flange Mount (Prices in Rands) incl. VAT
ML631-2 (Model)0.18 (kW)220V2780 (RPM)1040.751164.95
ML632-4 (Model)0.18 (kW)220V1330 (RPM)1085.601210.95
ML632-2 (Model)0.25 (kW)220V2780 (RPM)1121.251247.75
ML711-4 (Model)0.25 (kW)220V1360 (RPM)1262.701450.15
ML711-2 (Model)0.37 (kW)220V2800 (RPM)1360.451551.35
ML712-4 (Model)0.37 (kW)220V1360 (RPM)1469.701664.05
ML801-2 (Model)0.75 (kW)220V2825 (RPM)1919.352201.10
ML802-4 (Model)0.75 (kW)220V1380 (RPM)2098.752386.25
ML802-2 (Model)1.1 (kW)220V2800 (RPM)2135.552424.20
ML90S-4 (Model)1.1 (kW)220V1400 (RPM)2558.752860.05
ML90S-2 (Model)1.5 (kW)220V2840 (RPM)2719.753025.65
ML90L1-4 (Model)1.5 (kW)220V1390 (RPM)2878.453188.95
ML90L1-2 (Model)2.2 (kW)220V2840 (RPM)3117.653435.05
ML100L1-4 (Model)2.2 (kW)220V1410 (RPM)3758.204169.90
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